Friday, May 22, 2009


So I chipped my tooth like a year ago and the other night while I was brushing my teeth the bonding fell out! UGHHH! Here is a photo of me looking like a disgusting ogre with no teeth. The next day I woke up and called every cosmetic dentist in northeast florida begging and pleading for one of them to take me that day and finally one had an opening. I was FREAKING OUT!

$200 later my tooth is fixed:

I mean I didn't really have a choice other than to fork over the money bc I could NOT go around with a fucking chipped tooth. Ugh, it was a MAJOR debacle and 24 hours of pure stress. I'm a little pissed bc there are plenty of other things I wanted to spend that money these new board shorts we got in at work. I can't find a picture online but they're super short, plaid, and pleated!!!! Ugh... I guess I'll wait :(

Happy Friday :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok, so I just want say that I know we look like hot messes and that's because it was like monsooning out so our hair was ruined. On another note I made this super slutty tank out of an old t-shirt I had. I am actually mortified that I wore it out after seeing the pictures lol. I think it's more of a day shirt. Ugh, I'm a disaster. I was like dying when I saw Lauren's sheer bodycon jumpsuit. She was wearing her Wang bootie sandals with this. It was out of control amazing.

In other news, I have to work from 9am to 11pm tomorrow and I am NOT happy about it. Ugh, so inconvenient to my social schedule.

Anyways, love you guys. Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post-Run Fendi Hair

So I just got home from running, looked in the mirror, and died laughing. I know I've done a post about my ridiculous hair before but it's still funny to me. Haha, I'm such a nerd.

My Hair:

Anna Selezneva and Siri Tollerod in the Spring 2009 Fendi show:


Karl would be so proud.

In other news, I don't know what to wear tonight... hmpf?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Actually, this is better than porn bc there are fucking hot sexual clothes involved. Everything is perfect about this show. The models, THE MUSIC, the runway. Notice how everyone is fanning themselves in the audience. Probably sweating from the hot hot sex Veronique has created and so graciously bestowed upon them. Jesus christ. Wait for Cole's face at 1:27. I so love him. All the other models look either pissed off or scared shitless. He's like "Hey sexy." I love him.

Does anyone know where I can download the soundtrack to this show?

Gahh, I have to work so much this week. Kill me now. Please.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Genetics

This is my little brother. We're twins clearly, haha. I just can't believe how different we look and act. It's so funny to me that I wanted to document it.

I went to brunch for mothers day today. I'm planning to do an outfit post. Hope you guys are all have a wonderful mother's day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quick Outfit Post

I am about to go meet my friend Megan for sushi but I just wanted to document this outfit quickly bc I like it so much, haha. I didn't have time for a full on photo shoot but I'm also wearing my khaki shorts and fringe loafers. I look like a freak, basically.

Bye bitches :)

Current Obsessions

1. These two vintage tanks I just got from a little vintage store here in jax called Clothing Warehouse.

2. My new Crackberry World! Eeeek!

p.s. Sorry for the poor quality macbook photobooth pictures. I didn't feel like setting up my normal camera, haha.

p.p.s. I love you all my little sexmuffins :)